Christmas prayers

Primary 6/7 have been writing prayers for Christmas.


Let us speculate the merry way of Christmas

Let us dream about the lucky things we get

Let us believe our love for Christmas

Let us share our happiness willingly

Help us to be thankful and joyful on Christmas day

by Ben


We thank you for the taste of a Christmas feast, gathered with loving family,

We thank you for the sound of carols, sang cheerfully among friends,

We thank you for the scent of chestnuts, roasting slowly on the open fire,

We thank you for the touch of snow, cold against our fingers,

We thank you for the sight of giving, receiving and sharing,

We praise you for the gift of life.

by Anna


Let us ponder about how lucky we are

Let us lovingly help the less fortunate

Let us receive help and love

Let us embrace the magic of Christmas

Let us enjoy the happy family cheer

Help us spread joy at Christmas time

by Grace