Bring and Buy Sale

bandb sale

Well done members of the School’s Pupil Council who held a very successful sale on Friday 15 May. They raised an amazing £116.18.


P4/5 RSPB Tree Planting

This week the P4 and P5 class went to Forest Lodge to help plant 120 Aspen tree saplings. We rode in a trailer up to Ryvoan Bothy which was very BUMPY! It was lots of hard work but everyone did a great job. You had to clear away a patch of the heather and then dig down to make a hole to bury the sapling in. Then you had to shout out “Tree test!” to make sure you had planted the sapling properly. In 3 to 10 years we will be able to go and see how big they are. In 10 years some of us will be 18 years old!

DSC03326 DSC03298 DSC03307 DSC03311 DSC03313

Bird Hide – Work In Progress

Mr Ross has been working with Ben and Jack to renovate the bird hide in the school woods. Today they started by taking off all the of the old tarpaulin. They are planning to make it more camouflaged with sticks and branches and to lower the ground inside it so that people can stand up inside it. Lots of work to be done yet!


Lego Club

Lego club has started up again for Primary 4 and up. Ben, Jack, Mattias and Theo have been working hard with friends to create space station and rocket models and much more.

DSC03269 DSC03271

Expressive Art Day: Part 2

Today we showed the rest of the school what our groups had been working on. We saw different groups doing dancing, drama, music and art based around different art work.

On Thursday 19 March Deshar pupils visited Abernethy for day two of of our Expressive Arts development. Groups met up with a tutor from day one to prepare their work for sharing with all the other groups. Their art, drama, dance or music piece was based on a picture of somewhere in Scotland. There was a variety of great work for everyone to enjoy: from a ceilidh in a village hall, to story telling in Eilan Donan Castle,music describing the river’s journey from source to the sea and artwork about the sea. This two day event was part of the school’s work on developing the teaching of the Expressive Arts.

Pupil Comments

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